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the greatest review ever known

2008-02-21 23:25:05 by mellowmushroom00

a review left for me by a user named "posted"

"apt I tell you, apt!! Thank you for showing some real musicianship, a quality I lack and yet I keep posting songs anyway! I love songs that are just simple enough and not full of "tinkle" that can also make you groove. The intro is tits as well. I hope the ending comes to you in a dream full of naked people and a big neon colored ball pit underneath a huge platform featuring emmanual lewis on the wheels of steel."

this will keep me laughing for weeks, perhaps months


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2008-02-21 23:37:47

lmao, thats tits, I marked as helpful

mellowmushroom00 responds:



2008-12-17 23:01:51

yep. bros before hos. lol.


2008-12-30 21:30:07

that's tits? ive heard cartman say that before on south park.